R.R. Brooks is featured author on The Write Way Cafe blogspot

R.R. Brooks

R.R. Brooks

As of 2 a.m. EST on Thursday, Jan 5, Bob Brooks will be featured on the The Write Way Cafe blogspot with a blog on The Romantic Subplot in Fantasies.  The link is:

His post gives examples and discusses how the romantic subplot serves the author’s purpose in his book Justi the Gifted.  Bob will drop in during Thursday to view comments and contribute.  If you have a good example in a fantasy book you like, contribute it.

Justi the Gifted

Highland Books and Brevard Authors Guild Kick Off New Monthly Event

Beginning Thursday, January 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., and continuing every fourth Thursday of each month, Highland Books and members of the Brevard Authors Guild invite the public and all current or aspiring authors to attend a “chat fest” to share ideas, experiences and whatever else pops up relative to writing and publishing fiction and non-fiction today.

Adair SandersThe first chat fest will be moderated by Brevard Authors Guild 2017 president and local author, Adair Sanders.  The creator of the exciting Allison Parker Mystery Series, Sanders will share her experiences Following the Muse in the creation of the most popular characters in her legal murder thrillers.  All persons interested in discussing this topic, or just finding out about Sanders’ mystery series are invited to join.  All three of the Allison Parker mysteries will be available for purchase at the chat fest, and are regularly carried by Highland Books.Ashes to Ashes by Adair Sanders

For further information, contact Highland Books at 828-884-2424. Highland Books is located in College Plaza, 277 N. Broad Street, Brevard, across from Brevard College.