Angie Mattson Stegall

Angie Mattson Stegall

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Award-winning author and business coach/consultant Angie Mattson Stegall has announced the release of her third book, “Ponder This: How Everyday Experiences Deliver Unexpected Insights in Business and Life.”

“Ponder This” is full of the unexpected and sometimes kooky connections author Stegall makes about life and business as she’s practicing “being still while moving.” It’s a personal collection of insights from her day-to-day life experiences, whether she’s driving to see clients, hiking for fun and exercise, or rafting 225 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon on an epic adventure.

The book is available now in paperback and Kindle format through

Although much of “Ponder This” is focused on the business reader, the ideas and concepts can easily be applied to the reader’s personal life, too. The book is broken down into three sections:

• Short, snappy summaries of the lessons.

• The full lessons themselves, which are a mixture of funny, insightful, and kooky stories.

• List of questions from each of the lessons.

“As you read through the ponderings inside my third book, my hope is you will begin paying attention to the small miracles, unexpected coincidences, and lessons life wants to share with you,” Stegall said. “This book is meant to move you into inquiry, to ask deeper questions about the ordinary circumstances of your life, and hopefully will guide you into action to create a satisfying life based on your answers and what you want.”

Stegall has written two other books and has another in the works to be published in the summer of 2016. And finally, Stegall is now a founding member of the newly formed Brevard Authors Guild.


This press release was featured in the September 17, 2015, edition of the Transylvania Times.

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