A writers critique group focused on the craft of writing is open to writers of all genres, styles, targets, and expertise.

The group meets 1st and 3rd Mondays from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Henderson County Athletics & Activity Center, 708 S. Grove St., Hendersonville.  Phone: (828) 697-4884.

A writer gets about 20 min for reading and comments.  The writer may choose to hand out copies of his or her work to facilitate feedback and read aloud to enlist the ear in feedback.  In a positive and constructive fashion, group members suggest areas of strength and possibilities for improvement in such aspects as:

  • organization
  • arc
  • description
  • mood
  • characterization
  • plot points
  • wording
  • clarity
  • dialog
  • pacing
  • tone
  • impact
  • resolution
  • structure

The group also provides a resource on items of style (word choice, commas, ellipses, dashes, etc.)

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