iii-audienceOn September 22nd The Brevard Authors Guild gave its third forum at the Transylvania County Library presenting four authors discussing non-fiction works. This forum was aimed at readers and writers seeking information on the nonfiction craft. Author Elaine Raynolds (Sled Dogs to Polar Bears, NW-SW National Parks, and Journey to the Pacific Rim) covered Photojournalism. Karen Lauritzen (Nothing Vanishes: Memoir of a Life Transformed) presented Inspiration for a Memoir.

Angie Stegall and Alice WellbornAlice Wellborn (The Savvy Parent’s guide to Public School) covered Self-Publishing. And Angie Stegall (Make Some Room and three books on organization, business systems, and asking great questions) shared the podium with Alice discussing aspects of self publishing.




Elaine Raynolds

Since the definition of “photojournalism,” according to Wikipedia, “is a particular form of journalism: the collecting, editing, and presenting news material for publication or broadcast that employs images in order to tell a news story,” Elaine employed her husband Arthur to handle the presenting of images part of her presentation. They had prepared photos from each of their books that gave examples where they told stories in pictures from their travels. An example from “Sled Dogs” was when they were on an actual sled dog ride and the dogs went down a ravine to get a drink of water in the river. The mushers knew their cart would stay on the path, but we didn’t. It was a thrill ride. From “NW-SW” on an old west train they encountered train robbers and a real live shoot-em-up. On the Pacific Rim journey, a day at the tiger zoo in Thailand, where there were no cages and they got to feed a tiger cub, in Australia a day in Perth feeding kangaroos, and in Sydney visit with a genuine, English-speaking aborigine named Goomblar. Each author had a table to display their books, Elaine included some souvenirs from their journeys along with their books.

Brevard Authors Guild non-fiction writersKaren Lauritzen







To learn more about the Brevard Authors Guild, check out their website: When you click on each  author’s name,you will get a beautiful display and description of their books, thanks to our talented webmaster. For additional information about the group, contact Bob Brooks at showcase


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