On the fourth Thursday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Highland Books and members of the Brevard Authors Guild invite the public and all current or aspiring authors to attend a “chat fest” to share ideas, experiences and whatever else pops up relative to writing and publishing fiction and non-fiction today.

R.R. Brooks

R.R. Brooks

Author Bob Brooks will lead February’s “chat fest” at Highland Books.  Join him on Thursday, February 23rd, for a discussion of a type of book that occupies shelves and shelves in book stores, namely Fantasy Books.  Bob will offer his opinions and invite participants’ input on such topics as definition of fantasy, its origins, the morass of subgenres, great series, new authors, and great epic fantasy, the category for his 2015 novel from Leo Publishing, Justi the Gifted.Justi the Gifted

For further information, contact Highland Books at 828-884-2424. Highland Books is located in College Plaza, 277 N. Broad Street, Brevard, across from Brevard College. Everyone is welcome!

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