On Thursday, Sept. 1, The Friends of The Transylvania County Public Library will host its second authors’ forum in conjunction with The Brevard Authors Guild. As with the first authors’ forum, this event will feature local authors speaking about different aspects of fiction writing.

The second forum will be moderated by author Alice Wellborn.

Currently, Wellborn has a weekly blog post on and and a bi-monthly article on educational topics for The Transylvania Times.

Wellborn’s book “The Savvy Parent’s Guide to Public School: How to Make Public Education Work for Your Child” is available on Amazon.

Author Mike McCarthy, a semi-retired consultant in the area of health care and business process improvement, will speak on “The Writing Craft and its Characters.” An author of exciting political thrillers, “The Noah Option” and “The Rainbow Option,” McCarthy plans to add a third book to the series soon.

Author Bob Brooks is the president of The Brevard Authors Guild. An author of various fiction works in the fantasy, mystery and science fiction genres under the pen name R.R. Brooks, he will speak on the topic “The Writing Craft: What and From Where.” His epic fantasy novel, “Justi the Gifted,” is available on Amazon.

The first authors’ forum was held on Thursday, Aug. 11, in the Rogow Room. The event, titled “Fiction I” offered attendees insight into the writing style and imagination of three very different local authors who are founding members of The Brevard Authors Guild.

Eston Roberts, a former professor of English at Brevard College, challenged the audience to think in terms of quantum mechanics as he spoke about the premise of his book “Metamorphosos.” Roberts posits that all literature is the result of the survival instinct, and that writers “write” to survive in a psychological sense. Roberts said that Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” is the perfect example of metaphor in literature.

The second presenter, Tim Haight, entertained the audience with a completely different writing perspective. Tim explained that the stories contained in his book “Never Let the Truth Stand in the Way of a Good Story” are based on his life experiences as an electrician and traveler who traversed not only this country on his Harley, but also parts of Europe, listening to strangers’ stories along the way. Tim credited his uncle with the inspiration for writing, and his dad with inspiration for the title. The audience laughed when Tim recounted how his father had said a good story teller wasn’t a liar, but rather someone who didn’t want the absolute truth to ruin a good tale.

The last presenter, Adair Sanders, offered a third perspective on writing. A retired trial lawyer and “survivor” of a dysfunctional family system, Adair’s description of the fiction characters in her Allison Parker mystery series and their “very loose” connection to some of the people Adair met over her thirty plus years in the courtroom as well as her own family members demonstrated Adair’s point that many writers take their inspiration from their own lives. In other words, authors write about what they know and, in many instances, have experienced.

The second authors’ forum will start at noon on Sept. 1 in the Rogow Room at The Transylvania County Public Library. The event is open to the public. Refreshments will be provided and books by local authors who are members of The Brevard Authors Guild will be available for purchase.


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